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Top 5 Bass Fishing Baits

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In case you want to fish and enjoy the relaxing experience that comes from it, you probably know about bass fishing. If so, you also know that, even though bass have the reputation of being quite the fighter when captured, the thrill of first awaiting the strike and then hooking a largemouth bass causes a chemical reaction within the entire body that creates a somewhat euphoric sensation. This all by itself makes the experience really worth your time and effort.

In fishing, each person has his own opinion, in most cases these thoughts range from source to location. There are some bass fishing lures and baits that are much recommended for bass fishing because they could be very useful if you haven’t tried them. An example is the 7 inch coloured Tequila worms with additional scent are recommended, and also Rebel wee-Rs. Hellgrammites are touted as the best of them all live baits, some people are of the thoughts and opinions that you don’t necessarily require big baits to attract big basses. Most people will advice you to tie up to a bank, or locate a dock to get closer, but this is an art that cost you many years to perfect.

Largemouth bass fishing is indeed a great sport, but your success in fishing mainly is determined by number of things that you have to learn this elusive species of fish. Let’s explore some of these.